War is Coming?

You only have to turn on the news these days to get a pretty grim picture of the world. Conflict is everywhere and seems like an unavoidable reality of life as we see the destruction on the Gaza strip, a brutal civil war in Syria, constant death in Africa. It’s all pretty terrifying.

This is paired with the current political phenomenon we are experiencing. The world seems to be jumping to the left or right of the political spectrum as a solution to the daunting global issues we are facing. Populism is taking off as pseudo dictators seize power and rule with an iron fist just like many did in days past that we would rather forget.

Tension seems higher than ever. China’s rise to power has it grabing for land and influence and more than anything a desire to be taken seriously, just like Germany was before the first world war. It seems like history is doomed to repeat itself.

So is it?

Well, probably not.

Believe it or not we are currently living in the safest time in history by almost any measurement. Whilst populations are at an all time high, conflict is at an all time low. Deaths in conflict have dropped dramatically and safety is a given in the modern world.

The difference is media. While Middle Eastern and African conflicts are underreported, every terror caused or even potentially terrorist related death is spread all over the news like wildfire. The threat of Islamism has been drastically overplayed as this generations boogieman and this has caused extreme islamophobia in fear of the global issue.

It may seem every week like the world is going to end. And it might. Just not from thermonuclear war. Climate change is the greatest threat to society potentially of all time, but everyone seems too worried everything else to do anything. The issue with democracies is that they usually only provide short term plans and answers, as anything too far in the future is beyond their term limit.

But Democracy is not a bad thing. Democracies almost never fight, and with a large majority of the world at least pretending to be democratic, which again reduces our chances of global conflict.

So although we are living in turbulent times, the world is in a pretty safe place at the moment, and although there is a lot to do to eradicate conflict, we have made a good start, and the chances of you being drafted to head off to China anytime soon are extremely low.

2 thoughts on “War is Coming?”

  1. Something I thought you’d find interesting Sam is that the number of countries the USA is bombing deliberately has risen, even though the scale of the bombing is down. Maybe that has had a factor in the heavy media coverage. This decade the US has bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

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