The Liberal Party – Federal Election Coverage 2019 (18th May)


Ladies and Gentlemen, you read the title right. The 2019 federal election has been announced and will take place on Saturday the 18th of May (Fun fact: That’s the very last day that they could have). That makes the election 27 days from the day this article is published, and even with the election being just under a month away, election campaigns have been heating up as Labor, the Liberals, the Greens, One Nation and more aim to get your vote.

At the Uninformed Reader, we aim to keep up our Federal Election coverage and wish to help you come to your final voting decision.

Who should you vote for?

That’s probably the biggest question you should be asking yourself coming up to this election. The ABC has created a voting compass to give you a general idea of who your views align with and which party you may want to vote for. Aside from that, we would recommend looking through our analysis below, and previous political news (whether it be on the Uninformed Reader or elsewhere) to help you understand the aims and goals of each party. Talking to people in your area and people with similar political views could also be beneficial to making your final voting decision.

The Liberal Party

This week, however, we’re just having a look at the Liberals in this election, and what they plan to do to get your vote. Next week this will be followed up with an article on Labor’s policies & promises, followed by another the following week finishing up.

Of course, we’ve all heard from the Liberals on the news over the past few years, with leadership spills, people leaving the party left and right, uncertainty within the party and a whole lot more. The Liberals want you to turn away from that this election, and focus your attention on the numerous tax reforms and other policies they plan to implement.

Biggest promise – Tax reform

Currently, the Liberals are the coalition in parliament, and are conjoint with the Nationals. This election, Scott and his team aim to form a majority government. To do so, they have to retain their current seats and push for marginal seats such as Lindsay, Corangamite, Dawson, Braddon, Indi, and Lyons.

One of the biggest things that the Liberals are pushing is further tax reform, which was mentioned in this year’s pre-election budget. Source 1.1 shows how both the Liberals and Labor aim to change taxes over the next 10 – 11 years. As is evident, the Liberals are pushing heavily, with large optimistic tax cuts aimed especially to appeal to those earning $61k – $96k+ who would gain the largest amount.

Source 1.1: The Liberal and Labor plans for tax cuts over the next decade (Source)

As you can see too, Labor does promise to slightly decrease taxes for everyone apart from the slight increases in tax from those earning more than 96k.

The Liberals also aim to change the ranges of tax brackets (Source 1.2) This is also aimed at making tax more friendly to workers earning up to $124k over the next decade, allowing more people to pay less tax if they’re elected

Source 1.2: The Liberal plans for changing tax brackets (Source)

.With these two big promises, it’s pretty clear what the Liberals are trying to do here: appeal to more people with easy to understand, tangible and effective policies.

Some of the other major promises that they’re pushing this election are as follows:

And that’s it. Over the coming weeks, we will release another article about the Labor party, and another one concluding our coverage of the 2019 federal election.

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