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Politics can be so boring.

What’s the point of wasting time reading long, over-complicated news articles?

The Uninformed Reader delivers articles every Sunday summing up the entire week’s news in a few bite-sized paragraphs.

And, it’s actually enjoyable.


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Alex Wang

Writer & Editor-in-Chief

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Dylan Turner

Lead Developer & Writer

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Cameron Hunter

Interstate Correspondant & Writer

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Raf Priest

Public Relations Manager & Writer

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Samuel Alsop

Investigative Journalist

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Zack Noyes

Writer & IT Consultant

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Gautam Mishra

Managing Director & Writer

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May 18 has come and gone and Australia has a Government after five weeks of campaigning. A Liberal National Government. For the next three years Prime Minister Scott Morrison will lead…
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You only have to turn on the news these days to get a pretty grim picture of the world. Conflict is everywhere and seems like an unavoidable reality of life as…

A Matter of Trust

Recently, China has been under fire from the west in relation to its espionage and supposed use of Huawei to spy on countries telecommunications. For context, China has been attacking…

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